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Dec 21

About this website

Dear visitor,

This is the beta version of the new Bangkok Rainbow website. We are actively creating content that we will publish regularly. We are also conducting test rounds to determine if the website is user friendly, if there are nasty bugs that need to be squashed, and where we can make other improvements.

If you have feedback or suggestions, or if you encounter errors or any other sort of inconvenience, please report them in this thread. If you are a part of our select Quality Assurance group, please use the document we provided to you.

We hope you will come back regulary to check the new content and improvements we will be making in the next few weeks. We are very close to the official launch of our new website and off course we'll throw a liitle party for the occasion. So stay tuned!

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This site rocks. If this is

This site rocks. If this is just the beginning and the best is yet to come, I'm really looking forward to it.

Thanks ^^

Thanks ^^