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Bangkok Rainbow Organization

Bangkok Rainbow Organization is a community based NGO supporting LGBT well-being in Bangkok, Thailand.

Founded 12 years ago, Bangkok Rainbow Organization (BRO) has since grown to a registered member base exceeding 2000 official members, with a voice reaching far beyond. We hold office in the central Bangkok district, traditionally a long standing ‘gay area’ and operate independently from local and federal government. We provide counseling, health education and access to free AIDS testing for individuals. We also distribute free condoms to Bangkok based LGBT businesses and community members.

The organization’s core strengths are its long standing and extensive media relations and its “from the community, for the community” structure. Those two competencies give Bangkok Rainbow Organization the ability to reach further into the LGBT community than any other organization is able to, at present. BRO uses its reach to deploy disease prevention strategies and gather statistics on AIDS infection rates and other well-being indicators, which it reports  monthly to the government and the Global Fund.

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