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Pool Party at Dream Hotel Bangkok

Being gay and in Bangkok means busy weekends. Party's all over town to choose from, places to go and people to see. This Saturday however, the choice of what to do was easy. Dream Hotel on Sukhumvit soi 15 (the Bangkok branche of the New York born franchise) invited Bangkok Rainbow Organization to experience their rather "Glowing" pool party. And so it was that at 6pm, me and my fellow Rainbow officer Ying found ourselves ascending to the 11th floor rooftop pool. Swimsuits in hand and ready to trade in our vouchers for icy cocktails.

Glowing in the dark

When the elevator doors opened we were instantly greeted by the eclectic sounds of a well dressed DJ, warm smiles of the Dream Hotel staff and the colorful lights that decorate the floors of the glass halway and the jakuzi equipped pool. This assignment wasn't going to be difficult, we realized instantly. With staff and guests dressed in irridecent colors, vibrant city scapes below, good food, warm tunes and cool drinks we weren't going to feel left alone in the dark. We had our evening laid out for us as we entered our names in the lucky draw. There would be a fashion show to educate us on the upcoming beach fashion trends, something involving wet t-shirts, body painting and swimming with real, lifesized male models.With prizes to win along the way. Sounds like its time to take off those jeans and get glowing.

Wear a sixpack

Next year, summer will return. And with it comes the question of what to wear when you go to the the beach. But don't worry, thanks to Dream Hotel's fashion show, Bangkokrainbow can already answer that question for you. For the summer of 2014, or so the well crafted models told us, you should wear a sixpack. And something underneath to swim in. I don't know about you but for me, I'm already halfway ready. I just need to find that sixpack somewhere and I'm ready to dive in.

Glow until thy gloweth no more

The Glowing Stars Pool Party at the Dream Hotel in Bangkok is a great and LGBT friendly event. Dress irridecent to stand out or just wear some glowing body paint and a swim suit, whatever's your pleasure on a hot and steamy Saturday night in Bangkok. Entry is free with two mandatory drinks. The Glowing Stars Pool Party's start at 6pm and glow on until late. Enjoy the food, the nice atmosphere and the great looking models!

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