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Plu announces: The Safe Sex Only in Phuket campaign

Working in partnership with the businesses in Soi Paradise of Patong, the Phuket Loves You Club (PLU)  has produced T-shirts with safe sex messages printed on them. I Have Been Tested Have You? All the T-shirts have the same message printed on the back 'Safe Sex Only in Phuket Please’ and three different messages on the fronts:

  • I Have Been Tested Have You?
  • Know Your Status, Get Tested
  • A condom is for life not just for Christmas

All the staff of the establishments located in Soi Paradise will be wearing these T-shirts every Friday evening.  Which we hope will provide a powerful impact message to all the visitors, that everyone in Paradise and Phuket in general are 100% committed to promoting safe sex and thereby reducing New HIV/AIDS infections in Phuket to zero.

The PLU has also placed large bowls of Free condoms which are available in all the bars and also carry the ‘Safe Sex Only in Phuket’ message.  The Free condoms are being supplied via the Life Home Project in Phuket. (One of the PLU  supported Charities)

The PLU holds fund raising events during the year and the largest event which is Phuket Pride Week, which this year will be held April 20th to 27th.  A complete list of events and schedules are listed on:

The PLU goal for 2014 is to raise 1 Million THB, of which, will go to help support our partnered charities.

The ‘Life Home Project’, sponsors the education of Children living with HIV or who have parents with HIV, thus giving these children a better future, by helping them to break the cycle of poverty or stigmatization in which they are trapped.

The ‘Community Project’ where they work with groups like the Sabaidee Clinic, where local people can go for Free HIV & STD testing, receive safe sex advice and Free condoms. The T-shirt campaign ‘Safe Sex Only in Phuket’ is a part of this project.

The enthusiasm and commitment of the Phuket Bar Owners and all the staff towards wearing the T-shirts demonstrates a real commitment to promoting safe sex and a goal of reducing new HIV/AIDS infections in Phuket to zero

(Ian Philips, PLU Chairman)  

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