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Number of people living with marriage equality climbs to 700 million

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — A new analysis undertaken by Melbourne-based LGBT rights activist, Tony Pitman, has revealed that there are now 700 million people worldwide living in jurisdictions with full marriage equality.
Tony first undertook this analysis in July 2013. At that time the figure was 607 million people. Now, six months later, the number has risen to 700 million. 
“That’s an increase of 93 million in just six months. It’s quite extraordinary! It also means that marriage equality is now a reality for almost 10 per cent of the entire world’s population; another extraordinary figure!” said Tony.
“It makes you wonder how many more people will achieve marriage equality before Australians also attain this basic human right. 100 million? 300 million? It’s embarrassing that Australia is so far behind the rest of the world on this issue.”
Over the last six months the jurisdictions that achieved marriage equality were England and Wales, as well as five states of the USA; New Jersey, Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico and Utah.
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Media background

Tony Pitman is the spokesperson for local community group Melbourne Ports Residents for Marriage Equality, based in the federal electoral division of Melbourne Ports.

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khaekdum on

when will Asia live up to this reality that the glbt community are human beings too. Is it too much to ask for equal rights?

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Kevin (not verified) on

Agreed, however the mariagge equality numbers might look nice, overall acceptance is in reality often dissapointing in the west as well.

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